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A week full of owies.....

In July I was visiting my dermatologist to take the next step in controlling my psoriasis, when I happened to ask about a mole on my chin that….irritated me. It was one of those unsightly moles that will mysteriously grow a long “whisker” seemingly overnight, that you don’t actually discover until you are in a public place and without tweezers. Unfortunately, she said it was fine and didn’t need removed. Sigh.

Then upon further review of my face she pointed to a tiny spot close to my eye and said, “That one isn’t good, it needs to be removed, schedule on your way out for one day next week”. Double Sigh!

Then next week came, and I show up for my appointment to remove the suspicious mark on my face. I am not sure what I expected really, but it was super quick, easy and mostly painless. One shot of lidocaine and one slice with a scalpel and the spot was gone. I discovered two important things that day, one, my dermatologist is awesome, quick, and funny and two, I will never be getting Botox® as having a needle shoved under my skin in order to “puff” it up was extraordinarily unpleasant. And besides, my wrinkles are signs that I like to smile. “Smiling is my favorite.”

After a week of no news, I figured everything was fine. Then…dun, dun, dun; the nurse called. She started by asking if anyone had called about the pathology report. Her voice was very meek and..…..comforting. I could tell she was about to drop the C word and felt kinda bad for her. I can’t imagine having to make these kinds of calls. I felt like I needed to comfort her since she sounded so apologetic. I told her that I had not heard from anyone about the biopsy and waited for her to say the words. “Mrs. Herning, the results for the biopsy on the tissue removed from your face came back positive. It is skin cancer, a basal-cell carcinoma and you will need to have a MOHS procedure as soon as you are able.” I let her know that I understood and scheduled the appointment for the procedure. As I hung up the phone, I was somewhere between, scared and mad. Even though I knew this type of skin cancer is the most common and the procedure is 99% effective, it’s still cancer, and cause for concern. But I was pretty upset about the fact that I was going to have a black eye and a scar.

Fast forward to this week; On Tuesday morning this Casey and I showed up to have what we were told could be a six hour procedure. I was armed with a couple of books, stuff to have our monthly budget meeting, and of course scrabble on my iPhone. Casey was so wonderful and came to the room with me. He of course, sat in a chair on a side of the room so he couldn’t see anything but; it was a great support just knowing he was there. If I had any doubt that I wouldn’t get Botox® from my first round of a singular lidocaine shot, this time around I got 5 or 6 shots before the surgery. OUCH!!!! I couldn’t feel anything after the shots went in, but the smell that the cauterizing tool made, was super icky! Once bandaged up, Casey and I headed down to the waiting room to have our monthly budget meeting and kill the 90 minutes we were instructed to wait until I could go back in and have the next layer removed.

Then the best part of the day came followed by the worst. The nurse said, “good news, you are clear, we got all the cancer cells out and we can go ahead and stitch you up.” Yep, that was the best part!! The worst, well…it required 4 or more shots of lidocaine before she could put the stitches in. I think it was so bad because I really expected not to feel it. I WAS WRONG! OUCH all over again. And of course the cauterizing tool came back out again. But, when it was all said and done, I have seven tiny stitches and I am cancer free!

 I taped this bible verse on my kitchen cabinet door and read it out loud several times a day. “He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.” Psalm 112:7.

I am so thankful that His plan for me included this little hiccup, mostly, because I now have serious ammo when my girls give me grief about wearing sun block out side.

Today is Friday. My eye is healing and I am looking forward to a long Labor Day weekend, followed by my stitches being removed next Tuesday. But today is Friday. Today I got to go visit my Podiatrist, to follow up on the “largest heal spur” the doctor had ever seen. Yes, this is real life. I am really only 36 years old. I swear my body is plotting against me. Anyway, I now get to ALWAYS wear orthotics in my shoes, my favorite high heels are a no, no, and walking around bare foot, fahgehtaboutit. Oh joy!!! I seriously got emotional as she was giving me this news. I know I cry at the drop of a hat, but c’mon….I LOVE SHOES!

So, at this appointment, the sweet super young doctor, looked at me with her curly goldilocks hair and suggested I get a cortisone shot to help speed along the healing and decrease the pain. I really didn’t want to get this shot. I had heard that they really hurt. I rationalized that I could handle it, because I had a large tattoo on the same foot and I had just had my face cut open a few days before. I was strong. I mean seriously, my tattoo took over three hours to ink out. I had to pull out Lamaze breathing to get through that event but I really wanted it and still love it. I really wanted the pain to go away and have some healing so that I might on occasion be able to wear cute shoes at least on date night and for work.

I finally agreed that the shot was the way to go. I sat back, totally prepared to go to my happy place in my mind, I closed my eyes, slowed my breathing, and listened as she told me each step she took, then….I felt the sting of the needle. No, that’s not accurate; I felt an incredible intensely painful huge needle spear my foot. I jumped so much that I darn near kicked the sweet doctor in the face. She let out a giggle/sigh and told me that I needed to stay still. I did the unthinkable, I pulled my foot up and away from her, tears streamed down my face, and I said, “I don’t think I want you to do this, I need a few minutes to decide.” Inside I was mortified at my outburst, and decided to suck it up and get it over with. The doc told me that she could spray the bottom of my heel with some freezing spray that would help with the acute pain. Yea! She sprayed my foot, inserted the needle, this time with manageable pain. She moved the needle around “peppering” the area to be sure to get the medicine all around the area affected. I could feel each movement and a stream of burn each time more medication was dispensed. I am sure the whole thing only took about 2 minutes, but it sure felt like eons. My foot is still a bit tender but that should subside in a few days. Now to find a few more orthotics to go in multiple types of shoes, and shoes that will fit the ugly little helpers. At least I like to shoe shop.

All and all this week was a bit traumatic, I am healthier. And thankful that my “trauma” is manageable and in the bigger picture of life not such a big deal.

Thanks to all those who were sending up prayers for quick healing for me. I really appreciate it, and to my superman of a husband for taking care of me, and my girls for keeping me giggling.


Arlene said…
Lori... we deal with this skin thing on a regular basis. My husband sees the dermatologist a couple of times a year. A few months ago, he had an even greater problem than any he had dealt with over the years. This one involved removal of a significantly sized tumor in his upper arm. Of course, we were frightened because of the proximity to those all important nodes/glands. But the tests showed Doc got it all... Both you and Jim are examples of why it is so important to keep the skin checked. I am happy things went well for you.

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