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Wednesday nights right now are the only night that we have with nothing going on. No kids to drive around and no commitments! Check out our calendar...

I have had to color code every person in our family. For example, I am pink (of course), Superman is blue, My pumpkin is green, and Noodle is purple. Then family/church stuff is in orange, Birthdays are in aqua, and immediate things to do is red.

Seriously? It's super chaotic! Some weeks I don't know how we will accomplish everything and others run smoothly. The usual hiccups come when something extra enters the scene. For example, a meeting at school for one of the girls, or kids that want to decorate a couch (more on that Sunday), or, well, anything that isn't a already known about!

Wednesday's are 2-3 cups of coffee days. (Mostly because I LOVE coffee an unhealthy amount.) While say, our busiest day, Thursday, is more like 5 or so cups of coffee. I am doing my best to balance my coffee with water but Thursday's some…

My Pumpkin

I find it hard to believe that My Superman and I have two teenage daughters; let alone one who is old enough to drive. This is the first year she can drive to school. It's freaky;I remember when I was old enough to drive to school. I felt totally independent and FREE. As a parent, knowing that she probably feels the same way, is frightening.

Waiting up until one the other night (morning) for her to come home was a bit nerve wrecking. She was at a band competition in Masslion, Ohio; just so you didn't think we were really crazy and that 1am is her curfew. I laid in bed feeling tired and a bit irritated that the contest ran so late, and happy I didn't need to go out and get her. As the minutes ticked on and my eye lids got heavy I began to imagine all the awful things that could happen, then finally at 1:01 AM she walked in. Yea!!!

And then this morning, I was on my way home from teaching my 6am Spinning class and noticed that traffic was seriously backed up. Ick, must be an …

My (well not really mine) Marcel

I am not a fan of small dogs. In general I think they are yippy and annoying. I had at one time vowed to NEVER own one. That, apparently was my first mistake.

Earlier this year my oldest daughter got a teeny tiny "mutt" or a Shorkie. She is incredibly cute and has totally melted my heart. Her name is Marcel (after "Marcel the Shell with shoes on" from YouTube) and even though she belongs to my pumpkin, I am totally in love!

The other day while I was eating a bowl of soup she climbed up on my lap and promptly rolled over and took a snooze. And yes, I totally let her stay there while I ate my lunch.

Can I throw my friends in the recycle bin?

I am cleaning, purging, decluttering, and organizing our office today. I feel sorry for the person who will have to lift our paper recycling bin on's gonna be heavy.

My dilema.....

Christmas Cards/Photos....

Does anyone else have this issue. I cannot seem to throw them away. I have 2009-2010 photo cards here in a file. SERIOUSLY????

Why am I keeping them? I can't seem to part with them, I can't throw my friends and their cute kiddos in the recycling bin? Can I?

Help I need permission....

A week full of owies.....

In July I was visiting my dermatologist to take the next step in controlling my psoriasis, when I happened to ask about a mole on my chin that….irritated me. It was one of those unsightly moles that will mysteriously grow a long “whisker” seemingly overnight, that you don’t actually discover until you are in a public place and without tweezers. Unfortunately, she said it was fine and didn’t need removed. Sigh.

Then upon further review of my face she pointed to a tiny spot close to my eye and said, “That one isn’t good, it needs to be removed, schedule on your way out for one day next week”. Double Sigh!

Then next week came, and I show up for my appointment to remove the suspicious mark on my face. I am not sure what I expected really, but it was super quick, easy and mostly painless. One shot of lidocaine and one slice with a scalpel and the spot was gone. I discovered two important things that day, one, my dermatologist is awesome, quick, and funny and two, I will never be getting Boto…