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Master Chef

Have you ever sat in front of your TV, watching a cooking show and thought, I can do that....Well, I do that ALL THE TIME. I yell at cooks on Chopped like others yell at football players on Sundays. I think of course, the chef's can hear me.

I cheer for the home cooks on Master Chef the same way. I have watched this show the last 6 seasons and am thoroughly engrossed in season 7 at the moment. The season finale is next week. I CAN'T WAIT! I'm pulling for 5th grade teacher Brandi Mudd to win! She's super cute and comes from a background of cooking for her family and friends in much the same way that I do.

My love language is definitely food. I truly am my best me when I'm in the kitchen. Cooking for my family is such a joy, and when I get to cook for friends I love to show off. After telling my Superman and girls that I wanted to be on Master Chef for the last....well all of the seasons, I'm doing it. I filled out my registration online today to go to the open c…