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Cold Feet

Cold? Did I ask for cold? Just a week ago, when it was close to 90, I was wishing for fall weather, so I could put on some jeans and a sweater. And now, well it's really chilly. And because it's only September, I cannot turn on the furnace. It's a silly rule really, just like I won't turn on the air in May. Those two months, I think should be windows open months. However, the other night I left all the windows open on the first was 55 degrees when we woke up. I had to put on socks; I am so not a sock person. But the last few mornings, I have socked up so that my toes don't fall off.

I am loving the BSF study group I joined, we are studying the book of Isaiah. It is sooooo not my learning style as it's a very academic approach. But, here's the thing, I want a better understanding of God's promises for those who seek Him. This book is also a source of comfort and learning for my oldest daughter, and as with all teenagers it's a challenge…

New Beginnings

This past weekend has been a little scary and exciting at the same time and almost the same reason.

On Friday morning my mother in law (Darris) called and said that she had taken my father in law (Fred) to the hospital with sever abdominal pain. After several hours of not finding answers, they finally got someone to read the CT scan they did and determined that he had a blockage in his lower bowl and needed surgery. They decided that they wanted to be transported to a larger hospital with a surgeon he had been operated on by before. After several more hours they finally had the transfer paperwork done and they were on the way. At Riverside, we had to wait for the ER staff to get up to speed and for the surgeon to see him. Then.....finally.......they took Fred up to prep him for surgery.
The surgery was a success and Darris said that right after recovery, Fred said he felt better than he has in over a month. I can't imagine how poorly he must have felt before. But I am thankful that …

Got a new computer


I am so excited that we finally picked up a new laptop for me today. My Dell died a sad death last week! While I was super sad, I love being able to know that this one will be working next time I turn it on:) I will be posting pictures later of my journey......

This is a picture of my old, scratch that, VERY OLD, Dell computer. While in the middle of listing a Princess TV and DVD player for sale on E-bay, it decided it was done. Just like that, silent, black screen.....gone!

And no I am not one of those responsible people who backs up her work, I am hoping that my brother Curt can pull the hard drive and get the info and pictures for me so that I can put them on my new shiny Sony Vaio laptop.

Everything so far is wonderful, but (of course there is a but, it's a computer) I cannot figure out how to configure my outlook to my works exchange server. That could be because I am a computer non-genius, or that my office is running Office 2003 and I am on Office 2007 b…