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New Beginnings

This past weekend has been a little scary and exciting at the same time and almost the same reason.

On Friday morning my mother in law (Darris) called and said that she had taken my father in law (Fred) to the hospital with sever abdominal pain. After several hours of not finding answers, they finally got someone to read the CT scan they did and determined that he had a blockage in his lower bowl and needed surgery. They decided that they wanted to be transported to a larger hospital with a surgeon he had been operated on by before. After several more hours they finally had the transfer paperwork done and they were on the way. At Riverside, we had to wait for the ER staff to get up to speed and for the surgeon to see him. Then.....finally.......they took Fred up to prep him for surgery.
The surgery was a success and Darris said that right after recovery, Fred said he felt better than he has in over a month. I can't imagine how poorly he must have felt before. But I am thankful that God pulled him through the process successfully.

This week is an exciting week as well. But I have to admit I am super nervous.

I am starting a bible study called Transformed Inside Out. I was a member in this study earlier this year. It is a bible based weight loss study and starting the Wednesday I will be leading it. I have never actually lead a bible study before, but I feel very called to lead this one. I learned so much the first time through and can't wait to dive in again.

This week also starts the beginning of my highschool girls small group, or as my friend Hannah says, "group of smallness". I am lucky that I have one of my favorite senior girls Eva to help me out and walk along side the girls. This being the first week we are going to decide what we want to do and what direction we want to go. The idea is to help the girls develop quality quiet times with the Lord, to be strong in their faith through high school, and develope a strong foundation before going off to college. Wow, writing it down makes me realize why I am so worried. I am so glad God has my back. I pray he will guide our dicsussions and that he will give me the wisdom to guide when I need to guide, listen when I need to listen, and learn when I need to learn.

And then, I will be attending my first BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) class. I am able to go to the intro class, but the actual class is full and there is a waiting list. I am hoping that a place opens up for me, because they are starting the study on Isaiah. This is a book I have wanted to dive into for a while but have hesitated because of its length and complexity. I know that if this is the time for me to start this study God will open a space for me, and if it's not, He will guide me to a time that is more perfect.

There are lots of new beginnings on the horizion. By God's grace alone I will find my way.

Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6


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