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Wednesday Menu...on Thursday and some other stuff

What are we eating this week?

Here is the link to this weeks menu...WEEK 2

Things have been a bit crazy around here because of a new class I'm taking, Noodle had a gymnastics meet, Pumpkin is directing a one act play and is Crew Head for show choir  and my Superman had to travel to Dallas. Whew! So I haven't had a chance to make any of these dishes yet, but I promise to post them once I do. 

So, I started this training class this week called BOLD. It's a cross between sales training and life coaching offered by Keller Williams. I love being a Realtor and want to make sure I am doing the best I can for my past, current, and future clients. Having that said, this class is really challenging me and taking me WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY outside my comfort zone. It requires cheering! For myself. Ick. I was a cheerleader in high school and a year in college, so the concept is not foreign to me, but standing up every hour on the hour in a room with other agents and shouting, yes SHOUTING, &qu…

I like spreadsheets

I admit it, I love excel. I use it for just about everything I need to keep track of. Time blocking, finances, real estate, and of course my menu and grocery lists.

I am on a quest to keep things at my finger tips because this year is going to be crazy with my pumpkin graduating from High School and then going off to college and my real estate business is really booming right now. So instead of re-creating my menu every week I plan to spend the next couple of weeks making a menu with a grocery list (my goal is 10 weeks) and then printing several copies of both. I will keep them in my newly made family menu binder, that will also include take out menus and coupons. 

The first two weeks I am taking from my current favorite cookbook "Now Eat This!"by Rocco Dispirito You can find it here on Amazon. I used his menu right from the book.

Check out my week 1 menu HERE

I will finish the menu for next week and get it to you next Wednesday. 

Our favorite recipe this week was by far the So…