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Being Content

I was talking with a good friend of mine yesterday on the phone and we started talking about contentment, and I got up on my sassy horse and went on a rant about how she needed to find it.
Feeling like I had given her sound advice based on my past experiences, I went about my afternoon.
Later that night when I went to bed, I said to Casey, I think I'm going to get my next tattoo down the side of my body. Seriously? It hasn't even been a week since my last one. It's on my foot. It was 3 hours of terrible pain, but totally worth it. I love it!!! The idea came to me during a bible study I started in January. The study is called Transformed Inside Out, it's about finding contentment and balance in your life based on scripture. It was a fantastic study for me and put lots of things in perspective. I am actually going to lead the 12 week study this fall. I am sending up lots of prayers, as I have never lead a study before and I'm slightly nervous, but since God put the id…