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Noodle can sing?

I'm not really sure why or when we started calling her Noodle. It could have been when she was still a squirmy little baby or because she was a lanky toddler. Or honestly because her name starts with an N and I was cooking spaghetti for dinner one night and called her that by mistake and it just stuck. Noodle, actually has many nicknames, noodle, nattie, nat nat, nattie no butt (she really hates that one), etc...

Regardless of what nickname we call her by, she almost (she's a teenager) always answers with a smile and willing attitude. At the beginning of this school year, superman and I were really worried about how high school would affect her personality. You see our other daughter, uh hem Pumpkin, was quit the punk freshman year. And we were sincerely hoping to not have to endure the frustration again. Much to our surprise, Noodle, has had no suck punkish qualities so far this year. She is loving freshman year and getting involved with band, FCA, theater and orchestra. She w…
Yes, I am a terrible blogger... I have good intentions of getting things posted in a timely manner but...well, life is busy!

Just a quick re-cap, today is the first official day of summer break for my girls, so that makes me a momma of a freshman and a senior in high school. Super freaky! Summer is not as laid back as I would like, my sweet pumpkin has a job working at the local lazer tag place and noodle is busy with friends, summer gymnastics practice for high school, and looking for babysitting jobs. The month of May went by in a complete blur. I need to get pumpkin's senior pictures scheduled but her work is creating an issue. I can't  believe I have a senior in high school. I remember doing my senior pictures...wasn't it just a couple of years ago? WOW.

So, the kitchen. The room has actually been done for a while, I'm am just slow in sharing.

One of the things we did hire out ,is the granite. Here are some pictures:

I was so excited to have the old counter top out.  I…

Kitchen re-do.....done?

So I really did have better intentions of blogging more this year, and well as you can see I have it's been a while...

I have been abundantly blessed in my job this year. The real estate market is gradually picking up and interest rates are still so incredibly low. It has been a blast helping people sell a current home and buy a new home. I wish I could put into words how excited I am when I see "that look" on my clients face when they walk into "their" house. It's like the desire to do cartwheels tempered with the prospect of making a offer that crosses their faces at the same time. It can almost make me giggle. Then comes my favorite part...the negotiation. I LOVE IT! So, if you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell please pass my name along.

I wanted to share a bit today about another question I get quite often...

What should I upgrade in my house? How much should I do?

I am always happy to come have a look to determine what needs done and how much t…

Who am I?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? "Who am I?" or said "I need to find myself?"

This isn't just a question we ask ourselves when we are teenagers or young adults. I find myself asking this question a lot lately.

I have been struggling to keep my quiet time with God everyday. I was once so faithful with this and lately I have let other things and business get in the way. I started with a new firm this year and have found it more demanding than my last. While, I have been continually blessed in my busyness I have found difficulty in finding balance. The further I came from spending time daily in God's word and simple talking with Him the more I found myself asking, who am I?

This is the week we celebrate Easter. I felt a deep desire to be in the word this week and to renew my commitment to God to spend time with Him daily. To worship Him, to learn more about Him, and live as He asks me to.

John 13:3 says;
Jesus knew that the Father had put all things unde…