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Yes, I am a terrible blogger... I have good intentions of getting things posted in a timely manner but...well, life is busy!

Just a quick re-cap, today is the first official day of summer break for my girls, so that makes me a momma of a freshman and a senior in high school. Super freaky! Summer is not as laid back as I would like, my sweet pumpkin has a job working at the local lazer tag place and noodle is busy with friends, summer gymnastics practice for high school, and looking for babysitting jobs. The month of May went by in a complete blur. I need to get pumpkin's senior pictures scheduled but her work is creating an issue. I can't  believe I have a senior in high school. I remember doing my senior pictures...wasn't it just a couple of years ago? WOW.

So, the kitchen. The room has actually been done for a while, I'm am just slow in sharing.

One of the things we did hire out ,is the granite. Here are some pictures:

After removing the old counter top, we found that the builder left several items (a.k.a. trash) behind the corner cabinet. LAZY

So excited, so excited, so excited!

I was so excited to have the old counter top out.  I totally did a happy dance while the installers were out getting the new granite.

woot woot woot!!!

Nooooooooooo...they broke it. Yes, I cried...after they left.

I was so dissapointed. They installed the broken slab, and my sink, faucet, and then I had to wait, until...The end of January, when they could come back and install a new (hopefully) unbroken slab. Boo

But then...

The new piece came. They installed it and didn't break this one.  I LOVE IT!


When the shipping company called and said they couldn't bring my new island until a week later, my Superman drove the 3 hour round trip to pick it up and bring it home early.

Next up...tile decisions

And the winner is...the bottom right corner. White and tan tile mixed with tumbled ceramic tiles.

My Superman installed the backsplash all on his own. He did the cutting, the placing, grouting..the, whatever it takes to do a tile backsplash. He's not just handsome girls, he's handy too.

Here are some pictures of the finished project.

To my surprise Superman installed under cabinet lighting before putting the tile in.
Gosh, I sure do love that man.

What a fantastic journey. Thanks for letting me share.


This looks like a ton of work but looks like it paid off! Great blog!

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