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Baby laughing!! Short teaser

I have been wanting to blog about becoming an empty nester for almost a year. I want to not only create a place for me to look back on to see what we did in the early years of our newly found freedom, but also to encourage other women who are in the same nest I am(or soon will be)
"I'll have so much more time"   "How will I ever fill my days without my girls here?"   "Will my superman and I get bored with one another?"
I truly thought I would have more time!! 

2016 was a heck of a year for our family from beginning to end!
I hope to share so much with you in my posts from fun adventures we took, crafts we did, restaurants we tried, heartache we endured, and how to make to most of life on a daily basis. 
One thing I have found to be true...I don't miss all the laundry