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I went to high school in the early 90's and while fashion was loud and hair was big, girls were the same. In every group of girl friends, each girl at one time or another who took a turn being the victim of ridicule. But today, girls have many ways to reach their intended targets. From facebook, to txt messages, to email. No longer can you go home from school and be safe, because the insults, threats, and general meanness is waiting for you there on your profile page and blinking on your cell phone.
I certainly took my turn being laughed at and being called mean names, and at times it was devastating. But none of that prepared me for having to deal with those same things happening to my teenage daughter. It is so heartbreaking.
What absolutely kills me is that the reason she is under attack is because her "friends" don't like her boyfriend. One of the girls is even from her church small group. This was supposed to be a safe place for her. I am so sad, especially bec…