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My Pumpkin

I find it hard to believe that My Superman and I have two teenage daughters; let alone one who is old enough to drive. This is the first year she can drive to school. It's freaky;I remember when I was old enough to drive to school. I felt totally independent and FREE. As a parent, knowing that she probably feels the same way, is frightening.

Waiting up until one the other night (morning) for her to come home was a bit nerve wrecking. She was at a band competition in Masslion, Ohio; just so you didn't think we were really crazy and that 1am is her curfew. I laid in bed feeling tired and a bit irritated that the contest ran so late, and happy I didn't need to go out and get her. As the minutes ticked on and my eye lids got heavy I began to imagine all the awful things that could happen, then finally at 1:01 AM she walked in. Yea!!!

And then this morning, I was on my way home from teaching my 6am Spinning class and noticed that traffic was seriously backed up. Ick, must be an accident, my first thought was to find a quicker way home, so I could see my Superman before he left for the office, second was, gosh I wonder what happened?

On my way to a what hoped to be a newer quicker route I got to thinking about the time and wondered if it could be a school bus, then it occured to me that my kid wasn't on a bus. She DROVE to school. Knowing I couldn't call her in case she was in class, I did what any momma would do; I drove myself to the high school and found her car in the parking lot to be sure she was safe and sound and learning subjects way more advanced that I ever took when I was in school. There it was sitting in the lot. Thank you Jesus!

This is My Pumpkin on her first day of school. Yes! I totally went outside in my jammies to take this picture!!!


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