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The Scale

The scale needs to be hidden. I am addicted to standing on it. Seriously! Do I think it's going to miraculously say 150 just because I want it to. And when (yes when) it does say 150 will everything just be better? I ask myself this question often. The answer is always no, still I haven't given up hopping on the darn thing every time I go upstairs.

So what makes things better? Tomorrow is the last day of the bible study I have been doing. It's called Transformed Inside Out. It has been a journey about developing a balanced healthy lifestyle that honors God in every area of our lives. Every week has taken me a step closer to God in areas that I have fallen away. As always some of the study was easy and a lot of it was rocky, scary, frustrating, and enlightening.

I have learned that I have a choice. And most importantly I need to CHOOSE to change. As I look back through my study pages and read my thoughts and answers I am surprised how far I have come. Do you ever have that feeling that you haven't made a big difference? I do. I didn't realize how far, until this morning when I opened the first weeks study again. It was a reminder that God is in control and we can do anything, but only with His help. How cool is that? I don't have to go it alone. I have a partner.

I have to admit that when I let my blood sugar get low and I am crabby hungry, I don't have a great ability to choose wisely and those times certainly reflect badly on the scale, and in my mind. Ya know when I was in school I saw a picture of lungs that were damaged by years of smoking. Maybe I need to see a picture of the inside of my body and the damage that is caused by the food I eat that is not healthy for me. Don't get me wrong, I love sweets and have no intention of giving them up, but eating them in the quantities I used to and instead of healthy food has come to an end. I feel badly emotionally and physically. And I want to choose to not feel that way anymore.


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